Word Sound – Eat the Bass!


Brooklyn, NY. Urban geography as a social code. Rotting brickstonelofts, which will never be renewed again, as long as this world exists. It’s like the american dream – leave it to rot, & leave it fast. The hughe & high financialtowers of Manhattan can be seen clearly from here, much too clear. But this world seems to be many lives away. Another time, another place. Those Brooklyn Warehouses never wanted to get as high as the ones from those idiots over there, those united world undertakers. Life in these old halls is creeping on the ground sometimes, can be pretty hard, & outside is hostile territory. Know where to go! But there’s a sound, deep down from the cellar, which allures you mercyless. All you filthy rich fuckers, all you mutants full of lies & hardened shit out there, get in deep down to the guts of the city where awaits you: THE BASS.

Spectre, his majesty the illness himself, Skiz, Word Sound. The Crooklyn Dub Consortium creates sonic weapons within a guerilla think tank. The deep & dark sound of heavy Basses are understood to shatter the system, which conspiracy seems to be everywhere. His intentions are to beat the commercial music structures against the grain, to create an own strong cosmos, consolidated by those who feel & those who know. Dub & all that’s there within the Crooklyn-Cartel – roots reggae, raggamuffin, hiphop & drum & bass – seems to be a secret science technology. Pass the crime, pass a pipe full of crackling wisdom, knowledge & understanding, give it to your brothers & sisters & as long the conspiracy runs & grows, you can beat the system. Dr. Israel, Word I-Powa, Qaballah steppers, Corporal Blossom, the Twelfth Disciple & many more. Not to forget the enigmatic Prince Charming with his enigmatic sound generating like an even stranger drug you’ve never even heard before. But don’t you dare not to take it! If you want to join the conspiracy, eat the bass, then eat the evil forces. I’m asking Skiz, if it’s not an usual danger, that people listening to subversive sounds normally just stay on a symbolic level, like: lighting a rebel-joint in front of the record collection. Skiz answers, that the music gives power to the people, or at least should give, like he himself was given the power to continue the struggle from real roots reggae stuff, when he was young. Even for me, full of sceptic against the sometimes comic-appealing Communiques of the Word Sound Think Tank, this makes sense. Cause this is the least, that music should do: keep the fire burning, as long as you continue the fight.


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