Snooze – Goingmobile


? Where do you live now? Please describe this place in three short sentences.

! I’m based in Paris. The 20 district. Boring & sad. All buildings are grey !
I guess it’s a good challenge to write soulful music.

? What were the most important things which happened to you from 1997 (man in the shadow) till now? Musically and private.

! I had a daughter, Fanny, 2 year old. She‘s a snoozette. She‘s a good dancer too ! I‘ve dedicated GOINGMOBILE to her.

? How would you describe the developement and the changes from this album to „Going Mobile“? What’s the focus of „going mobile“, what’s the idea?

! On ‚Goingmobile‘ there are more voices than on ‚Man in the Shadow‘ and I explain it by the fact that I wanted music that was more organic, sensual, sexy even …. Indeed, this album is more colorful than the last one, from black and white to colour. It’s more exotic as well. The record is a collection of novels. It’s the One of the characteristics that define my style is open-mindedness.

? What did you do before „Snooze“? Studying arts & literature – you finished it?

Do you have kind of a „classical“ musical training or even education, or did you learn it autodidactically?

! When I was a kid my dad gave me a fake electric guitar, made of wood. What a toy, I thought I was a member of Kiss ! My sister used to be a classical pianist. Naturally, I start making music on her piano. I’m a perfect autodidact. After that, I went @ University/ study french literature & communication.

? Still one of your inspirations and basics for producing your music are filmscores. You write them by yourself, of course. What’s so good and fascinating about them? Are you trying to bring this special „fimscore“-vibe or even some of it’s structures into contemporary pop-music?

! My music feeds on jazz and soul, electronica and classical arrangements. At the beginning, jazz was the music of rebellion as was techno in the beginning. There are a lot of ’silences‘ in my pieces and this is the most difficult thing to achieve. Obviously I’m a big fan of movie and soundtrack since I was a kid. With Snooze espacially the first album I’ve tried to make a soundtrack of an imaginary film. Movies are based on management of time control. It’s the same with sounds. I’ve made a soundtrack 2 years ago for a movie called Ma vie en rose. The film received the Gloden Globe award in US.

? Please list some of your favorite score & pop-writers!

! Howard Shore, Roy Bud, Eric Demarsan, Richard.D.James, K&D, Photek, Quincy Jones, Tom Jobim, John Barry, Lalo Schiffrin, Boards of Canada, Miles Davis, Chet Backer, Scott Walker, King Tubby, David Sylvian, Prince and many more…..

? Are you still composing scores? I remember you were talking about your first score for the movie „Ma vie en rose“ by Alain Berliner. What else did you do? I heard that recently you made the score for a movie which was rather a flop?

! I have no plan 4 the moment.Too much promo stuff on Snooze.

I‘ll work for movies in the future for sure…

? How and where do you produce „Snooze“? In your bedroom-studio – probably with recording vocals on the closet, like Monsieur Llorca, whom i met yesterday? Is it still done with a computer, and then you add the live-musicians and the vocalists?

! I’ve always tried to blend electronic and accoustic music. It’s an important side of my work. The new album was recorded in my studio (named Flat 4). New tek equipement & old stuff. It‘s my Sound kitchen !

Quite a few guests have participated. Most of them are friends (except Deborah Brown who lives in the States). Nancy Danino, the main singer, also appeared in my first album. One could say that she is an integral part of Snooze.

? Are you still involved in the french house-scene? Do you collaborate or produce, and when, with whom? Llike the motorbass-guys or Alex Gopher?)

! Things are changing quite a lot for the moment. Marketing has become an important part of the development of musical projects. The conclusion being that nowadays there is too much competition between bands, and thus less cohesion than 3 or 4 years ago. I try to keep my place by offering a type of music that’s different from that of Daft Punk (to take a current example).

? Generally spoken: what is the aim of Snooze-music? How shall it work and for whom?

! Snooze music 4 secret alarm-clock agent !

? What is your special definition for good contemporary pop-music?

! Saudade + sex + memories + fun + design = pop music

? How would you define the „Snooze-image“ and how important is this image? „The man in the shadow“ – is this you?

! It‘s me. Sorry, not very glamourous, I know! Artwork are most important.

? And who makes all the artwork? Do you develope it by yourself?

! My friend Christophe Portier & I

? To end up with a classical: Can you live from your music?

! I‘ll play on summer‘s festival ( France, Paleo festival, Canada). I‘ll be on tour in september/october. Next month, I‘ll play for fun in various french club as DJ. I developpe a new kind of set. I call it : Computer set.

? Thanks a lot and all the best!

!You’re welcome! Yours

Dominique Dalcan AKA Snooze.


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